Sep 16, 2020 – Top San Diego research institutions, led by Salk, to receive an expected $5 million to study cellular aging in humans [click to view]

Dec 13, 2019 – Mitochondria are the “canary in the coal mine” for cellular stress [click to view]

Nov 09, 2018 – Salk awarded $19.2 million by the American Heart Association-Allen Initiative to study Alzheimer’s and aging in the brain [click to view]

Aug 16, 2018 – Cells agree: what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger [click to view]

Jul 10, 2018 – An ATM that dispenses antioxidants [click to view]

Apr 20, 2018 – Three Salk faculty honored with endowed chairs [click to view]

Jun 22, 2017 – Prominent scientists in immunobiology and aging research to join Salk Institute [click to view]